Classic Jessica Moment

Yeah yeah – I know – I’m three countries behind on the blog… so sue me I’m having too much fun to write stuff!! 

Just a quick Jessica moment to share with you: 

Picture this – we’re in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. We’ve been there two days and I’ve seen maybe MAYBE ten white people. Most people are Muslim and it’s an ultra-conservative city. I’ve been very careful with what Jessica and I are wearing, and Jessica causes even more of a commotion than anywhere else in Southeast Asia thus far. 

We’ve decided to go to the night market, which is open from 8pm to 2am. We hire a taxi to take us and, because it’s in the middle of nowhere and taxis are hard to come by, the driver is going to pick us up again in two hours. Or so we thought. Turns out he brings his lovely wife with him and they tag along with us through the market for two hours waiting for us to finish shopping! Very lovely people, sweet and smiling and helpful – and very obviously devout Muslims. 

We’re walking through the wonderful maze of stalls selling everything from Viagra (go figure) to watermelons, and the place is just gearing up for the evening but already pretty busy. We are the ONLY white people in sight and drawing some attention. Jessica is walking with Grant and the taxi driver and his wife are walking beside her. I’m ahead looking for fabric to buy. Just then my adorable daughter announces at the TOP of her lungs: “Mommy, my VAGINA just FARTED!” Well, if everyone wasn’t looking before, they are now! I can only pray that the lovely people with us didn’t know THAT much English! 



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