3am in Saigon….

It is 3am and I can hear rats.

I turned off the noisy air-con and lo an behold….

Up until now Jessica was sleeping on the floor on a thermarest. What if they bite her and give her some horrible incurable disease? Or even just go NEAR my adorable sleeping bambina?

I have managed to move her into my bed but now I can’t sleep.

She is pissed off because MY bed doesn’t have silk sheets and hers does. 

I called the front desk and asked about a COT and managed to confirm my wake-up CALL. Not sure my phrase book or my horrible pronunciation is up to this task.

I can see some droppings behind the fridge and on the window ledge in what is otherwise a spotless and highly recommended hotel.


This really sucks – I have to be up in 3 1/2 hours for a tour. This is going to happen every place we go in Asia most likely. How will I sleep?

Grant woke up while I was dithering about moving Jessica. I told him what was wrong – and he had seen the droppings earlier – he rolled over and is now back asleep.

I can hear them squeaking. I can even smell them.

I’m putting Jessica on GRANT’S side of the bed. 



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