Hello from Warrnambool!

Sorry ’bout the no-show on the photos guys. Don’t know WHAT is going on with this upload. I’m trying AGAIN…

The past few days have been spend driving the Great Ocean Road. Wow. Amazing!! Unfortunately, we drove a lot of it in very RAINY weather! Grant celebrated his 40th birthday on the 24th in Lorne and driving to Apollo Bay…in miserable, wet weather! We did manage to find a nice place to eat dinner, so the day wasn’t a total loss. Of course, it was also the day that we discovered the leaky windows in the campervan…..

Lorne was nice – we spent a couple of nights in a fantastic caravan park just outside town in a National Park:


The scenery was amazing and we did a couple of short hikes to see local waterfalls and such. We spent an afternoon walking round the town where Jessica dicovered a trampoline park. Good fun!

From there it was on to Apollo Bay where we only spent one night due to the rain, and lack of dry activities to do around town. Grant’s b-day dinner was the highlight of our stay there! Then on to Port Campbell – stopping off to see the 12 Apostles first, of course. WOW again. We went back out there to watch the sun set – which was truly magical.

We haven’t done much over the past few days but gawk at the scenery. It is a truly amazing drive – with or without rain. Yesterday, we drove the shipwreck coast and has a lovely clear day to do it. So we spent the day stopping at every viewpoint and just watching the ocean.  We also saw some whales in the whale nursery just outside Warrnambool. There were several moms and babies near enough to shore to be seen from the viewing platform.

We’ll spend a few more days here and then on towards Adelaide. I’m off to see about those photos now….




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